Rush Hour – Movie Series [Dual Audio] {Hindi + English} 720p Bluray ESubs | Watch Online | Download

Rush Hour – Movie Series [Dual Audio] {Hindi + English} 720p Bluray ESubs | Watch Online | DownloadRush Hour

Title:Rush Hour 
All Genres:Action,Comedy,Crime
Plot Outline:The Rush Hour franchise is a series of American action comedy films created by Ross LaManna and directed by Brett Ratner. All three films center on a pair of police detectives: Hong Kong Police Force Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and LAPD Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker), both of whom go on a series of misadventures often involving corrupt crime figures in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. The films were released theatrically between 1998 and 2007, attaining commercial success, and incorporate elements of martial arts, humor, and the buddy cop subgenre.


720p [2.7GB Approx]

Story Line: Ratner and Chan are interviewed separately, and the interviews are inter cut with excerpts from the three films. Ratner describes the origins of the first film and the effort to recruit Chan, which provides an interesting counterpoint with Chan’s account of their introduction, in which Chan was less than impressed. Chan’s first meeting with Tucker was equally challenging. Chan discusses the difference between his experience working in Hong Kong films vs. Hollywood, especially when it comes to stunts, and his approach to action, while Ratner discusses his history with Tucker, his theory of casting villains and the challenges of creating an effective action comedy.
Reviews: Obviously, “Rush Hour” is mostly just another buddy comedy, but there’s so much hilarious dialogue between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, that it’s all worthwhile. When a consul’s daughter gets kidnapped, Tucker gets hired to take the case, but Chan gets brought in from Hong Kong to assist. Naturally, they have a very hard time cooperating.

I guess that a major aspect of these movies is that you shouldn’t try to take them seriously; just accept them as completely crazy. With Chan doing his martial arts and Tucker being a loudmouth, it’s a great time from start to finish. Also starring Elizabeth Pena, Chris Penn, and Tom Wilkinson. I liked the sequel equally.

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